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Hello our valued visitor, We present you the best web solutions and high quality graphic designs with a lot of features. just login to your account and enjoy ...

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Sleeve Technology Rotary Capsleever


Sleeve Technology Rotary Capsleever

The Sleeve Technology Rotary Capsleever is an exceptional machine specially designed for sleeving caps. This machine made out of the highest quality materials is perfect for sleeving tamper evident (guaranty seals) automatically. The machine is equipped with a robot and inspection camera which picks and orientates the caps to make sure the perforation is located at the opening. Next to that, products are lifted to create underlap for an excellent shrink result. Being exceptionally reliable and fast makes the delivering of a continuous sleeve onto your products easy, day and night. The polished stainless steel housings and conveyors are hygienic and are designed for easy operation. All the high precision components of the machine are controlled with one easy-to-use touch-screen control panel which is the beating heart of the machine.

Machine speeds: 10-100 products/minutes*
Sleeve thickness: 40-50 micron
Product sizes: Ø 20-60 mm
Cut length: 20-50 mm
Materials: PET/OPS/PVC/Alfa film
Guarantee: 2 years**

*Depending on the product.
**From the date of delivery on general construction failures and failures in parts supplied by third parties.


Information about this machine

Sleeving solutions
Sleeve Technology has all solutions to your sleeving needs. Our first-class sleeve application machines are specially designed to suit the customers’ individual requirements, but are all based on well proven principles and are equipped with the latest control technology.
The machines are reliable, simple to use, flexible and they have an efficiency of nearly 100%. We can also provide excellent service.

Air knives
Condensed or wet products cause application problems, the water acts as an adhesive between product and sleeve. Therefore the products are required to be dry and clean, an air knives system from Sleeve Technology is an excellent solution. All sleeving machines can be equipped with an air knives system.

Control cabinet
The touch-screen control panel is the beating heart of the machine and is based on standard Sleeve Technology controls. All the PLC functions are combined with the motion, temperature, safety and visualisation controls of the system and come together in one easy-to- use touch screen. Advantages of this system are, higher processing speed, better stability, higher flexibility, free licenses and remote service. If preferred we can connect via internet to the control panel and help you with settings or parameters.

Shrink tunnels
After applying the sleeve onto the products the sleeve has to be shrunk using either hot air or steam. Steam is generally used for shrinking full body sleeves or full body with tamper evident (guaranty seal) sleeves at high speeds. Hot air can be used for sleeving tamper evident. Sleeve Technology manufactures high quality hot air and steam tunnels which provide reliable and constant shrinking results for years. Tunnels are made of polished stainless steel which are easy to clean and very robust.

Accumulation unit
All sleeving machines can be equipped with an recently updated accumulation unit. The unit has a double reel-holder which acts as buffer with the capacity of approx. 40 meters. By making a joint splice during a reel change this unit enables continuous production. The unit is made out of a fully polished stainless steel housing which is robust and very hygienic.